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Our book - water is now online for sale!

What do I have to say more :-)
We did it and the book is online at
The profits of this joint book project will be donated to “Operazione Acqua e Riso”, a small organization - created by a group of photographers under the lead of Oliviero Masseroli - supporting communities in Bangladesh in getting access to clean water."
all who joined: I would like to invite you to a waterbook day on this wednesday! Publish your photo from the book (or any other water photo) on this wednesday 5th december 2012, link to our book and tag it with "waterbookday"
get a christmas present copy:
Standard landscape:

Large landscape:


Oh by the way these are all the names of all people who are in the book with their best photo (see list at the end)
For there are only 100 pages, minus intro and ending makes 94 pages, I had to put about 35 photos in a smaller version in the book so it would fit. The photos which are choosen to be big mostly had most voting points and are always next to a photo which fitted most. There were photos I could put next to another one, they just didnt fit together. Those photos I made small and put together on seperate pages. If your photo is printed small it does NOT mean your photo was worse or not good enough. I think we really are a super team. We are not a lot of people even if 127 is a lot, but compared to photo matches 127 is peanuts. And still the quality in the book is very high I think. The book is really nice to look into. All the people I showed the test print found it superb. It's totally different seeing a photo book with so many different people and photos. I hope a lot of people buy the book. As Christmas gift this is a super idea I think (especially for the people who already have everything and you still want to give something special)
I hope you all help me with selling the book now we really have a book published! (and check out the invetation about waterbookday)
Abdullah Rhwanjy (Egypt), Achintya Guchhait (India), Alex Greenshpun (Israel), Andreas Scholer (Germany), Anita Kryszkiewicz (Poland), Anna Trandeva (Bulgaria), Bart Zandbergen (Netherlands), Bart Van Dijk (Netherlands), Beatriz Ballesteros (Spain), Bert Beentjes (Netherlands), Blanca Martín (Spain), Bob Feigl (USA), Boris Frkovic (Croatia), Broto Chakrabarti (USA), Bulent A. Dursun (Turkey), Carl Thompson (United Kingdom), Cathelijne Van den Bercken (Netherlands), Catherine Poh Huay Suen (United Kingdom), Christine Eckardt (Luxembourg), Chuang Lin (Italy), Claudia Van der Tuijn (Netherlands), Corinna-Jasmin Kopsch (Germany), Dimitri Alderweireld (Belgium), Dragan Todorovic (Serbia), Ellen Cuylaerts (Cayman Islands), Emily Gunther (USA), Fareed Khan (USA), Francesco Saverio Lafronza (Italy), Francisco Alcantud (Spain), Francisco Marty (USA), Gianluca Sgarriglia (Italy), Gilles Menghetti (France), Giovanni Sottile (Italy), Gisele Evrard (Belgium), Hamni Juni (Malaysia), Harm Poelman (Netherlands), Harold Begun (USA), Hegel Jorge (United Kingdom), Helena Blanco (Sweden), Hidemi Katayama (Japan), Hirokazu Musashi (Japan), Ingrid Vekemans (Belgium), Irawan Subingar (Indonesia), Irfan Nabi (United Arab Emirates), Jamal Ouguimi (Morocco), Javier Luces (Belgium), Jean Luc Venuti (France), Jean-Marc Payet (France), Jim Ross (USA), Jo Williams (United Kingdom), Joëlle Giannoni (France), Jonghwa Bae (South Korea), Jorge Maia (Portugal), Josh Adamski (Israel), Julia Kaufmann (Germany), Julian John (United Arab Emirates), Jurjen Harmsma (Netherlands), Kai Buddensiek (Germany), Kai Prager (Germany), Kazumi Ishikawa (Japan), Kazuo Shinohara (Japan), Kazuyoshi Hiraga (Japan), Kenneth Canady (USA), Kim Leuenberger (Switzerland), Kimberly Poppe (France), Kirsten Karius (Germany), Kujaja Jaja (Germany), KyKE GS (Spain), Laura Kazmukhanova (Kazakhstan), Lauren Rautenbach (South Africa), Leila Raymond (Canada), Lory Van der Neut (Netherlands), Luis Negro Diaz (Spain), Maarten Van de Voort (Netherlands), Mahdi Aridj (France), Mahesh Balasubramanian (India), Marbee .info (Japan), Marc Bulte (Netherlands), Marcela Lima (Japan), Marek Czaja (Sweden), Margareth Perfoncio (Brasil), Mario Boh (Argentina), Mark Luftig (USA), Martina Johansson (Sweden), Martine Weber (Luxembourg), Massimo De Luca (Italy), Mathias Ahrens (Germany), Mauro Maione (Italy), Maximiliano Brina (Argentina), Miguel Silva (Portugal), Mike Kremer (Luxembourg), Mo Ey (United Kingdom), Monica Heller (Netherlands), Nancy Van Schijndel (Netherlands), Nicole Cambré (Belgium), Ojeeez Z (India), Oliviero Masseroli (Italy), Paul Farrelly (United Kingdom), Paula Connolly (United Kingdom), Phyllis Rachler (Austria), Prabu Dennaga (Indonesia), Prasanna Kumar (United Arab Emirates), Rainer Leiss (Austria), Ralf Steinbrück (Germany), Ralph Reichert (Germany), Rebecca Deckmyn (Belgium), Ricardo Alves (Portugal), Richard Alicea, Robert Durisch (Switzerland), Robert Komarek (Germany), Robin Polman (Netherlands), Rohan Pavgi (India), Samrat Mukhopadhyay (India), Sarah Domingos (Luxembourg), Sarah O'Dell (South Africa), Sébastien Marchand (France), Sonia Braga (Brazil), Sue Scimeca (USA), Talitha Hoppe (Netherlands), Tao Sasaki (Japan), Thelma Gatuzzo (Brazil), Thomas Born (Canada), Victor Cucos (Canada), Wilfredo Lumagbas Jr. (Philippines)


Donation problems are over!

Finally we found a solution for the donations, the donations will go to Operazione Acqua e Riso

"Operazione Acqua e Riso" is small organisation by a group of photographers, lead by Oliviero Masseroli (Oliviero is also a photographer of our water book), supporting communities in Bangladesh in getting access to water. "Operazione Acqua e Riso" will help to acquire land through cultivation and allow 62 households to receive important food aid. A cause that has inspired us to the extent to dedicate our photos to a joint book project whose profits will be donated to the organisation. more information you can find here

so now we can finalize the book this evening and send the last test print. Presumable you will be able to buy the book mid or end of next week.

For Oliviero leaves for bangladesh next week there wont be any books sold yet but he cant get to the momey if he is in bangladesh..
I wrote with him, I will send him 1.000 euro from my own bank account so he can already start helping. The first 1000 euros (hope we sell enough) from the profit i prefer having back then and send to my account back. After the 1000 is reached the money will be tranfered permenantly and directly to the Organisation of Oliviero....
I think you understand, I think its best Oliviero leaves with cash in his pocket and not afterwards


More Donation problems

I really dont know what to do next....

The dutch organisation didnt reply on my emails from thursday which is not okay I think. So we don't have an organisation at the moment. What do we do now?

On saturday evening I was out at night and spoke with a guy from Gambia. And I told him the story about the book. He was astonished about the prices the dutch organisation gave me. He knew about people who make wells in his birthcountry. He said 600 euros for a well that is only if the water is really very close to the survice. But if the groundwater is so close those villages mostly already have a well. Normally they come with gigantic drill macines and drill 40 meters down to get to the water. And that we can all imagine expensive and takes a lot of time...

Perhaps it was my insistance of getting photos from the wells build from our money that the dutch organisation probably cant even give... who knows...

Another thing the guy (his name is Jo) told me that's really hard to see that his country got dollars the last 4 years as development money, and afer 2 years half of the money was gone and nobody knew what happened to it. After 4 years the 4 billion dollars were gone and even then still nobody knew what happened with it... another very depressing story...

Leaves us to the following options:

1. we want to have our book and just have it for we made it and dont care about the donation any more (means we only buy the book ourselves and dont go public).

2. we continue searching for an organisation before we start selling (this means a undefinete delay).

3. we all comit to donate a certain amount our selfes (means we only buy the book ourselves and dont go public).

4. We do sell the book to all and make a profit with the book and just wait till we find an organisation later but this means we cant have a text in the book about any organisation. I put the money on a safing account till we find an proper organisation. (We need a last paragraph (the text editors know what I mean) which is undefined but something with the profit goes to water organisations. )

5. We do sell the book with profit and I donate the money hoping it all goes good to any water organisation immeadiatly

I think we all want to book, it would be nice to safe the world a little bit, but it seams the world is more systemized as I thought. If it would be so easy to really help all people already would have been helped already. It's depressing.
please all tell what you think I dont want to make a desiscion here alone.

donating all ourselves is an option, but I thought together the sum would be much bigger and we could move the world a little.

By the way I also never heart of the "brunnen woman". Of course I said I would call her back last monday but since at that moment the dutch are the better solution I didnt call back. Fortunately I didn send an email with we dont want to anymore... On the phone I said I needed to talk with you all... I dont think she is the best possiblity but it was or is one...

Some send urls from water organisations... there are so many, I really cant tell which one is good or bad. Each organisation needs its own approach and research...

The book is to 99% done, I need to do 2 more pages which take 3 hours, the last paragraph text is missing about the donations... but it depends on what we want to do ... then I need one last test print which takes 7 days if its okay it can be sold...

What shall I do? Or what shall we do...

Donation problems

We have some problems with it seams it is not possible for wateraid to accept money from a product which others (in this case only make some profit. In the UK this is not allowed without paying some kind of tax. Wateraid does have coorparation like this ( I saw they do somthing with ebay alike) but then they need some kind of special partnership. And they dont want to go into this partnership with us. I presume we are too small for this and wateraid have not enough people to deal with this. Soooo we are looking for other possiblities to donate the money.

We Found 2 small organisations with whom I am in contact, well at least with one. Here are the urls to their sites:

http:// english/home

I would prefer doing the donation with Frau Hilmer from brunnenbau, she seams to be a very special woman who builds wells alone in Senegal Africa. But I cannot reach her. I mailed her twice and rang every day to her but there is nobody at home. I presume she is in Africa.
But the connectinternational mailed me and are interested in the book. I want to give Frau Hilmer a few more days and if we cant reach her before monday connect international remains our only hope at this moment. But that might work fine

we wont give up we will fight till we got a solution!




The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown is set. There will be no more delays, friday night European time you will not be able to upload a photo for the book anymore...

You can of course still upload your photos but they will not be for the book....




The voting has opened....!!!

you can all just vote if you like the photo, or do a book vote (best of 3), you can only bookvote one vote per photographer.
You have 4 book cover votes, I dont know wheater this should be a vote but we'll see.. after 4 book cover votes the button will dissapeare.
adding to you favourites gives a litte extra point to the photo.
you can also now facebook like the website AND each photo seperatly

There is a Points to each photo, thats just a test perhaps its good perhaps not this is the formular:
$image_points = ($image_favourites*5) + ($image_votes*5) + ($image_votes_book*10) + ($image_cover_vote*50) - ($image_visits-$image_votes);

the points is no secret here:-)
we can change it perhaps the minus votes is not a good idea for the book but for in total I think its good.

Please reload the website good it might happen that you see a message with "very very very.... etc" poping up, if that happens reload the page...

I will leave the door open for people who still want to join but it will be harder for them to get in the book after you already voted...

It would be nice if you at least voted for 20-30 photos.
Dont vote for the photo is from your friend, vote if you really like the photo, be honoust.

so you can now have a Happy voting week!




More features

I changed the photo view from the page... you can now comment and critique photos... and send a facebook likes which can be seen... but somehow it doesnt count the facebook clicks (I'll get that later) ... but I am too tired to continue now.
I also changed the URL... you all will be redirected to

The vote buttons are all in place.... BUT DONNOT work you....sunday perhaps saterday they will work... I want to have a little break now dont be angry if I am not on time... but the buttons WILL work this weekend.
You can see if you click a ourbook photo which other book photos the photographer send in...

I think we keep it simple, we just count the votes together. Everybody will get 50 votes Maximum and has to vote at least 20 times ... and all get 3 cover book votes. Though I my self would prefer Nicole Cambré photo as a cover and I dont know if I take the cover votes into acount...
There is no disliking but you can critique a photo anonymously.
Later I will give the best photographer I can see a "fairy button" if a critique is stupid the fairies can take this critique out of the comment list....

if the voting starts:
Please judge by the photo not with your friends.
and try thinking while judging, its best we show super beautifull photos but also creative ones and the ones from different parts of the world... if marroco isnt in the top or japan or brazil its not good...

I will drink some wine now and relax, hope you have a nice evening see you tomorrow :-)))



New features

something new.....and I need your help....

A lot of people did not choise a username or not entered their first/lastnames or country, they will all get a red banner on the top of the page with the message complete there account settings.

Also I added a commenting field like here:

each profil has a comment tab and page and all will get an email after somebody wrote something there. You can chance the email notification at your myaccount->notifications:

Now I need your help. A lot of people uploaded photos which belong to the book but are not in the book menu... they are only in the profil. Perhaps you all check the members and write them a message that they need to put the photos in "ourbook" (you all know the procedure by now)

some have no water photos and only profil photos, thats totally fine with me, they are just people who want to enjoy a new community, you dont need to send them a message.

and there are some dead profils... no names no images... we can message them too....

if aleady somebody send a message you of course dont need to send another message...

so I figured out who to do the voting... and will now programm it... you will see soon how it will work.


have a beautifull day you all!


Voting issues

I will meet in a few hours with a friend of mine who is also into the internet proffessionally (like me) and we will discuss the voting over a bear. He has experience with voting games...

if you have any ideas about how we will vote come on with it now...

- are the votes limited?
- do we have to photo on all photos? ( thats gonna be hard work there are a lot of photos already)
- some of you want anonymous voting, so one doesnt know whos photo it is... but at the moment you can already see the photos... on the website ... I really dont care about the name on the photo there are a few really really good !
- there are a lot of people who dont have 3 photos, how we deal with that? I saw some who have only 1 photo but that photo was so good I would not want to lose the people who only have 1 or 2 photos
- do we want to comment the photo there are?
- do we want to give a negative vote?

I have of course an idea but I would like you to think it over too, I want you all to be happy (or at least most of you)

send your idea or thought tonigh at or follow the discusion on facebook

have a nice evening!





Copyright issues

some are worried about uploading the highres photos.

HIGHRESOLUTION PHOTOS have to be uploaded if you want to join a book, they are beeing hidden in the system and protected by all means possible.
The Highresolutions Photos will NOT be used other then for the book you signed up on. If I need a highresolution photo for example for an interview or publication in an offline medium Kujaja I ask you personally.

Only small thumbnails we need to use so people know afterwards whats the book will be a like.





31th October 2012

I will do the voting programming job on thursday so you will be able to vote this weekend... sorry if it took longer...

meanwhile we still dont have enough members who filled out all their data (firstname und lastname plus city and country would be good and I thinkshould be obligatory, what if someone uploads a photo which doesnt belong to this person...Dont want to think about that without knowing who this person was)

we just reached 100 members and 200 photos, a lot of them dont have water photos or dont have the water photos dragged into the ourbook so they are just profil photos...

Perhaps some of you check out 500px or photoblur 72dpi or what ever check water photos and try to get the people to the site.... I will put the ending date to friday so we can become more.

We will make it! :-)

What so you think shall I make a new invitation for uploading? so we reach again more people?


By the way I changed something on the photo sites. Normally you have to be a member so see the photo. But if now facebook or google looks at the photo page they can see it and get a small thumbail so others see a small thumbnail

perhaps you like to share your photo with others on facebook so we get some more people :-)


28th October 2012



I would like to invite you all to the book website.

Its not totally done and there might be errors and you cannot vote yet, but you can register and upload your photos. For we are a lot of people I think its better to already start uploading our photos and if we are all done we close the doors and start voting for our photos.

You should:
- register on the website (by accepting the terms you also accept the terms of the book)
- confirm the confirmation email
- choose a username
- write at least from wich country you come from in your settings
- upload a profil photo
- upload a highres Photo from you for the book

- then upload your photos and after uploading you have to drag your photos into the "ourbook"

If anything is wrong just mail me here or at
for one needs a term and privacy I changed the 500px ones please dont sue me for making a mistake here...

I would say we upload and register till wednesday 31.October 2012 and then close the doors so we can all vote the best of 3 and the best of all.

I hope it all works out :-)))

have a beautifull sunnday!


15th October 2012



We did it!

57 people voted, 51 for water and 6 for education so the vote is clear!
Even if the rest of the 100 people didnt voted yet there is a majority now.

So the theme of our book will be water!
The profit we make with the book goes to

Now go out all the next 2 weeks and make the most beautifull photo with the theme Water.
You are of course as usual totally free how you are going to interpete the theme water.

Main rules:

1. theme is water

2. make 3 photos with the theme water, all others will decide wich is your best of 3 photos.

3. the photos have to be big enough, take the highest DPI you can shoot with. It must be possible to print
the photo a4/letter (8.27 x 11.69 inches) and even better would be a3 (11.69 x 16.54 inches). If its not big enough for the book it wont get in.

4. if you join the project it is NOT a fact that your photo will be in the book. I will take the privilege to finally decide which photo comes in the book (for example if the photo really doenst fit in it doesn get in). We have to find a solution for the amount of photographers. 2 possiblities, we remain with the amount of pages and photos with a lower voting became smaller in the book, or 2. possibility we make 2 or 3 versions of the book a small one with the best and one will all photos.

5. all who join have to register and sign the book imprint later on at the website I tell you. I will announce the URL over facebook, 500px and my homepage.

6. please dont publish mail or post me any of your water photos before the end date.

7. all normal photography rules rule of course. If people are on the photo you need to have the permission of the people you shot that they appear in the book. I dont want any legal problem with the book.

8. there will be some more rules but I cant think of any important things at the moment any more..

9. If you didnt join yet you still can!

I am happy the project now is really going to start and I am already very curious about your photos!!!

Meanwhile I am working on a website where we can all upload ours photos to and do the voting (there will have to be 2 votings, 1 for your best of 3 photos, and 2 for the ranking of the photo).
It might happen that I will be a little late but I presume I make it.

Ending date will be 29.October.2012 2th november 2012

I wish you all a very nice weekend and lots of good light!


Last and final poll is open now:!our-book/



I opened the Second poll / vote please make your second vote at:!our-book/
Italien translation:!il-nostro-libro/
( thanks to our friend Vitaliano Vitali )
Spanish translation:!nuestro-libro/
( thanks to our friend Jav luc )
French translation:!notre-livre/
Arabic translation:!ourbook-arabic/
(double special thanks to Jamal Jamal Ouguimi for french and arabic)

read the TEXT first. and NOTE you have to vote three options this is important!!

I also wrote something about the fases (or is ot phase) of the book...

The poll will go till Sunday 14.10 therefor I change the date of this event ( I will do that each time we go to the next phase)


Some people donnot understand what I write for they cant speak or read english good enough. Is there a spanish, japanese, italien and french translator or who is good in english and speak those 4 languages or any other important language. Google translate is sometimes really bad. It would be good if we could translate this text:!our-book/

Overview of the process:


- phase 1: we gather, we vote for a theme and vote for an aid organisation --> timing about 2 weeks (this should end this sunday 14.10.2012)


- phase 2: we start making photos or such for photos out of our collection --> timing 2 weeks

- phase 2a: While you do fase 2, I prepare a smal system where we can login add our photos and make a smal voting system


- phase 3: All who join upload 3 photo, plus 1 photo from you or your icon.


- phase 4: we vote on eachothers photos to find out which one is best of 3 AND the best 100 photos from X (X = the amount of poeple who want to join, which is at the moment already over 100). --> timing 1 week


- phase 5: The book will be put together. --> timing 2 weeks


- phase 6: done! we sell the book at and give the profit to the organisation we choised.


at the end we will have a book copy or an ebook of our project i think that will be just so great to have done an offline project with all of you!

we are still in fase 1


We did 3 events now, kissingday, reflectionday and disliking day and now I would like to do something different with you all (or maximum 100 of you)... I would like to make a real book, yes real so offline....

We should decide all together what the book will be about and we will publish it on a service like blurb. The provit of the book should go 100% to a help organisation.

Everybody can post 1 photo, 1 Text which comes with the photo, and 1 portrait or icon of your self which will be published at the end of the book. Unfortunately I need all photos in high quality. The rights of the photo will remain with you and all normal rules like in 500px count too.

If you would like to join, check out my facebook profil or my homepage where you can take part in the poll

first event date--> will be to decide together what the content of our book is part of. Please vote or give ideas for the theme of the book. The theme should of course have something to do with the organisation we give the money to. Iif we do get some profit but main issue is doing something offline together.